Buyer beware... I ordered 6 stickers and they look & smell like crap! Ha ha just kidding! They look great! -Kimberly from KY

Just got downwind of your site! We need you guys on my street. I downloaded a couple of your songs awesome! -Tim from CA

Funny thing the other day, I googled "Teardrop trailer" and I found your blog. Great Job! Best of luck on the road! -Sam P. from NJ

Just received my t-shirt today, I love it can't wait to show it off while walking around the neighborhood! -Chris from MI 

Your ebook should be #2 on The New York Times Bestsellers List! My kids loved it! -Susan from CA

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raising awareness on poo-pick-up & dog rescue.

August - October 31st 2015

Download a song. Help a rescue.

One guy, Two poop bags, Five songs

This sh*t is hilarious! I gave you two out of five piles, after all it's about dog's #2 -Heather from NY

I downloaded Hey You Pick It Up! from iTunes, played it in my backyard for a few days and it worked my neighbor cleaned up his yard. Thank you PickUpThatPoop! -Steve M. from AZ

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